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Collaboration over competition!

This past weekend I had the honor of collaborating with Urban Rarity :)

Urban Rarity is your destination for rare fashion finds and flips. Creatively designed pieces by, designer "Ms_i_aM", are one of a kind and truly unique. Her custom designs are amazingly beautiful! She can customize practically anything. Such an amazing talent.

Urban Rarity is located in downtown LA. And I mean, who doesn't love Los Angeles :) In addition to unique fashion finds, you can now purchase your favorite Hair Extensions right inside Urban Rarity.

Exquisite Hair by Ashonte are luxury hair extensions for all textures! Perfect for that celebrity vibe you feel when being in Los Angeles :) When you think of LA "Hollywood" is the usually the first thing that comes to mind. Exquisite Hair is the the complete "Hollywood" vibe. Luxurious hair extensions that look and feel amazing. So why be anything other than Exquisite?!

Fashion and Hair meet :) Keeping everything beauty, Urban Rarity has become a one stop shop for all your needs. Two women entrepreneurs coming together with a vision to help each other grow! What a wonderful way true collaboration over competition :)

For photos of our colla click below



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