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teach me the game coach!

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Why not seek a coach? Someone with the expertise to help you with all your needs. Coaches can help you achieve a personal or professional goal by providing the training and guidance needed to help you succeed :) Check out this list of experienced coaches:

Business Coach: Cia Edwards

I truly enjoy helping millennial women turn their passions into fulfilled lifestyles. 

I have this process where you talk, and I’ll listen. After I finish listening, I challenge you to go DEEPER. Check out my blogging course here: and my coaching website:

Love Coach: Teal Elisabeth

A professionally trained love coach, has a deep passion for supporting ambitious, millennial women in opening their hearts to receive love :)

IG: @bossbabesinlove

Wellness Coach: Tasha Waddy

If you’re ready to level up and become the best versions of your already fabulous selves, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info! My passion and purpose is to help you on your journey!! You Got This...Now Let’s Go Get It!!! 


IG: misswaddy

Facebook: Tasha Waddy

Social Media Coach: Kristi Freeman

I work with #smallbusinessowners to laser focus marketing and create outstanding social brands :)

IG: @kristimfreeman

Facebook: @kmfsocialmediaconsult

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