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Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Tuesdays With Tay

Four months ago I decided I wanted to make my personal Instagram a business page. I wasn’t sure what category I was going to fall in but I randomly chose motivational speaker. Upon choosing to advertise myself as a motivational speaker, I said to myself, you know your going to have to talk right. Or what if someone sees this and ask you to give a speech in front of a ton of people. It was a little frightening because I’m extremely introverted and shy but I kept it as is and decided to take a risk. A week later I decided to start making short inspirational videos with positive messages about life, goals, and success. The response to these videos blew me away. My goal is always to inspire others and be a positive light in the world, and I’ve gotten so many comments on how people have been inspired to keep going.

Tuesdays with Tay is something I will do every Tuesday to continue to inspire and uplift each an every one of you. Some weeks I find the topics I choose inspire me as well, so this shows that sometimes we all need a little encouragement. Every Tuesday I will post a video or inspirational quote, and affirmations to keep us inspired on our daily journey :)

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