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solo women tours by Gina Cambridge

What is Wanderlust Solo Women Tours?

Do any of the following things sound like you at all?

Are YOU dreaming of travel?

Don’t know where to start?

No friends that can commit to traveling with you?

Tired of living vicariously through travel bloggers and IG feeds?

Time for a change and a much-needed break?

Tired of not “fitting in” to an age bracket.

Want a new wanderlust women tribe?

Your time is NOW!

Started here in New Zealand, Wanderlust Solo Women Tours is where I wanted to share my passion for travel and meeting people.

After traveling the world solo, I knew how this changed my life, built confidence and lifelong friendships. I noticed how some women wanted to travel but just didn't know where to start, either because they had no one to travel with or just lacked the confidence, and that's whereWANDERLUST SOLO WOMEN TOURS was born!

Fun, flexible, bespoke small group women’s tours. I aim to assist you to expand your horizons, build confidence, form enduring friendships and have a fabulous time doing so! Women of all walks of life are warmly welcomed and encouraged to join our tours and enjoy taking time out for themselves.

Take the road less travelled with us and travel like a local, not a tourist! You’ll enjoy beautiful siteswhilst tasting delicious food, treating yourself to inner wellness and discovering some great secrets only the locals know. We incorporate walks, activities, wellness, pampering and many optional extras with plenty of laughs along the way.

Come and relax in Rarotonga, bliss out in Bali and reconnect in the Coromandel!

Our intimate groups allow for strong friendships and genuine conversation as well as a solid team feeling.

Here at Wanderlust Solo Women Tours we are also believers in love in all forms, including that for the earth. As such, we run a conscious business, with eco and community efforts to make sure that we are treating everyone fairly and giving back to our planet.

Our Ethos

Our ethos is about loving and caring for our environment and the people who are in it.

We believe in giving back – to the earth and to individuals and communities and practicing sustainability to love and respect the beautiful earth we are privileged to be enjoying.

We give back by ensuring that 5% of our profits go to local communities. We guarantee that those who work for us earn a living wage and are treated fairly and in accordance with not only the law but our values. For example, Ikurangi Retreat in Rarotonga work with local families to source the resort food and materials and provide professional training and development for their staff. And in Bali we try to support as many locally owned and eco-friendly businesses.

Sustainability is a buzzword that is thrown around lightly – but a concept we take seriously. We ensure that our tours and the companies we work with have a similar approach.

A great example is our luxurious Rarotonga escapes where we stay at the gorgeous Ikurangi Retreat, that places the planet and people first. From chemical free, plant-based cleaning products and guest toiletries, recycling water, composting initiatives and more, they minimize the impact on the earth.

And a last note from me.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.” – Henry David Thoreau

Want to know more or come along? Check us out on our website at or find us on our socials.

Join our Tribe and share your travel inspiration at WanderlustMomentum

FB page on WanderlustSoloWomenTours

Find us on Instagram at wanderlust_momentum

Meet Gia of Wanderlust

Kia Ora, I’m Gina from New Zealand and the founder of Wanderlust Solo Tours.

I was inspired to encourage and facilitate women’s travel after my own transformative experienceswhilst exploring the world solo.

I try and infuse each tour and retreat with opportunities for women to try new things, push the boundaries of their comfort zones and see the beauty that the world has to offer all the while forming solid friendships and building confidence with likeminded women.

How it all began: I was nearly 40. Yes, 40 years old. Where did the time go?! Wasn’t I supposed to have figured it all

out by now?

I had a house, I had a job, I had my own business, yet I wasn’t happy or fulfilled. I felt the lack of what I “should” have in my life.

Then a bad relationship breakdown left me reassessing everything, wondering why I had all the material things yet felt so empty. The quaint small town I was living in felt stifling and its rustic country charm did not fulfil me anymore.

A whirlwind romance saw me visit Thailand for the first time where I fell in love – with travel. This trip was a catalyst for me – travel was what made my heart beat faster, travel inspired me, travel made me feel alive!

I sold up, downsized and booked a one-way trip to Paris with barely any money, plenty of nerves, and loads of determination.

That dreaded 40th birthday was amazing! I celebrated in France with newfound friends and lots of wine. My fortieth year was spent wandering through bazaars in Turkey, working on a small farm in Morocco, cathedral-gazing across Europe, and wandering quaint cobbled English lanes. It wasn’t allholidays - I worked and volunteered my way around Europe – but this enabled me to really get beyond just the tourist attractions, form lasting friendships, and truly absorb the atmosphere and culture of these new locations.

Not only did I experience a plethora of scents, textures and tastes, see wonders of the world and nature, and meet amazing people, but I also learnt so much more about myself, and my approach tolife. I learnt that improving my life wasn’t only about changing my location, but also how Iapproached things. As I discovered my own happiness and the world, I appreciated where I came from and what I had at home.

I learnt that my life wasn’t stagnant, or over at 40 just because I hadn’t followed the same path as others. I didn’t need to settle for something I didn’t want - I could change it, any time I felt like it! It’snot always easy, but it is possible!

And Now.

It’s been a few years since that first trip to Thailand, and since then I’ve explored, holidayed, workedand volunteered in more than 23 countries, and have no intention of stopping. Then I realized how I could to turn my passion into a living – by founding Wanderlust Solo Women’s Tours, with the aim of encouraging all women to find confidence, adventure, friendships and happiness through traveland experiences. I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling the way I had, and my goal now is to empowerwomen to live their lives to the fullest.

Looking forward.

The last thing I learnt? Nothing is certain. We don’t know what will happen next week or next year, so with that philosophy in mind, I try to live in the moment. Whilst keeping my eye on long-term goals, making sure I have someone to love – and yes, sometimes that is myself! - something to do, and something to aim for.

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