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Social Media Success Academy by Kristi Freeman

Ready to live the laptop lifestyle? Full-time bloggers can make well over $100,000 annually. They live their lives on their own terms where they want.

CEO, Kristi Freeman, graduated from Clayton College with a degree in Information Technology when IT was just introduced to the school.  She has held various IT positions and always stayed close to the tech world.  

In November of 2017, Kristi graduated from the Crowned For Success Regional Vice President becoming a Certified Life and Business Coach.  Along the way she learned that she's always been a teacher and her thirst for tech knowledge were the two things she needed to blend to create her own Laptop Lifestyle.

Kristi saw something that female entrepreneurs are missing.  They often have phenomenal products or services and have found success often to get to the point where sales become stagnant or drop completely.  These women have exhausted all of their contacts, been on all of the webinars, created a website, and are on Facebook but they just aren't attracting any new business.  Not only that but they're also concerned with their lack of a marketing strategy, content for marketing, and a limited social media presence.

In the Social Media Success Academy’s Blogging course you'll learn the basics of blogging, how to find your voice, how to setup your blog, how to earn money, and how to market your blog.  There are a handful of BONUSES throughout the course that can be referenced once you’ve completed the course.

This course is designed to help beginning bloggers and busy mompreneurs learn how to create and maintain a blog from which they can launch their purpose and passion to the world and start living on their own terms.

Others who may find it helpful:

· Any small business owner

· Direct Sales Agents

· Corporate Marketing Teams

· Corporate CEOs

· Current bloggers not seeing results

Register before 8-18-18 and get the first of 6 lessons FREE as your first bonus.

Early notification of future courses including Marketing for Small Businesses.

You’ll also get 1-on-1 advice with all the tech stuff.

65% off the regular price of $197.

Downloadable reference docs.


IG: @kristimfreeman

Facebook: @kmfsocialmediaconsult

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