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Our Bodies Are Our Temple by Tasha Waddy

We hear that phrase over and over again. Somehow life gets in the way of our minds resonating that to our bodies, which can lead to self neglect.  If you’re new to the fitness lifestyle, it can definitely be perceived as a hassle or a burden, but I guarantee you that once you find your groove, and discover what works for you, there will be no stopping you! 

Zumba Fitness is what did it for me! Here I was slightly over 300lbs literally dancing for my life. I became a Licensed Zumba Instructor in 2011. I changed my eating habits, learned portion control, and started working out 3-5 days a week! Since then I’ve lost over 100lbs! I’m so glad that I followed my heart, and not let doubt consume me. I had a vision of what I could become, and made up my mind that no matter what I looked like on the outside, I was going to fight for my life!!!

Throughout my journey I have made some amazing friendships. I’ve connected with many women, who like myself, are on a journey to becoming the best version of themselves. Imagine having a team of women who love, support, and celebrate your wins on a daily basis!! It is a beautiful thing. Having this affect on women, I knew that God wanted to use me to do more. In my spirit I knew it was time to do more.

I am so passionate about helping others that I’ve decided to become a Wellness Coach with The Healthstyle Emporium. The HSE is an online holistic wellness program that focuses on the mind, body, and soul. Most of us are moms, wives, who hold down full time jobs, etc. We focus so hard on caring for others that we often neglect ourselves. 

With that being said, not only is it important to have an active fitness regimen but it’s also important to nurture your spiritual temple as well. If you struggle with anxiety, insomnia, or toxic negativity the HSE would be an awesome way to love on yourself daily, deservingly so!

By taking daily supplements of 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free whole food fruit/veggie supplements your body will be getting the proper healthy nutrition it needs to prepare you for this lifestyle journey. 

Benefits include:

✔️Improvement of Health/Well Being

✔️ Increased Energy

✔️ Restful Sleep

✔️ Healthier, Skin, Hair, and Nails

✔️ Recipes/Meal Planning Resources 

✔️ Yoga Webinars

✔️ At Home Excercise Guides

✔️ Guided Meditations

✔️ Monthly Self Care Challenges

✔️ Life Coaching Activities 

You will have access to free 1 on 1 coaching and accountability with me as your personal Wellness Coach. You will also have 24/7 access to a team of Healthcare Professionals ready to answer any questions you may have! How awesome is that?!?! 

It’s all about lifestyle change, and if you’re ready to level up and become the best versions of your already fabulous selves, please don’t hesitate to contact me for more info! My passion and purpose is to help you on your journey!! You Got This...Now Let’s Go Get It!!! 


Tasha Waddy

Wellness Coach/Zumba Instructor 


IG: misswaddy

Facebook: Tasha Waddy

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