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Updated: Aug 5, 2018


How did she do it? Why are things working out so well for her? These are all questions we ask ourselves when we see the success of others. Well, I know these are questions I’ve asked myself. In the midst of asking myself these questions and wondering what I’m doing wrong or doing right, I started looking for answers. I started reading books, doing research, and studying successful people. As I’ve been diving more into entrepreneurship I’ve come across a ton of webinars “master-classes” on various topics that have been very useful to apply to my business. There are masterclasses on how to find your niche, how to start a blog, numerous things that you may have questions about or may struggle with.

So each week I will update this section with a masterclass from myself :) or a total #bossbabe to help with anything you may be in search for or need answers too! Feel free to email me or drop a comment about what you are seeking to know or learn :)

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