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from barbies to business by Patrice Smith

We’ve all heard it before, never go into business with a friend. It's an old conventional “wisdom” thrown around often, no matter how many duos have debunked it. In fact, can you guess what Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Procter & Gamble, Twitter, and Ben & Jerry’s, all have in common?  Yep, you guessed it- they were all founded on friendships.  Like many of their founders, my business partner Chavia and I have been friends since childhood.  There are several reasons I love being in business with a friend, here’s a few of them.

We KNOW Each Other

The best part of being in business with Chavia is, I know her and she knows me. We both truly know the other’s character and have the upmost trust for one another.  Robert Greene, author of “The 48 Laws of Power”, suggests going into business with an enemy rather than a friend.  Here’s the problem, I could not imagine being in business with a stranger let alone someone I wasn't sure I could trust.  I would never partner with an enemy.  Trust is an important aspect for every relationship and if you don’t trust someone by no means should you form a business partnership with them.  But, if you trust your friend, don’t let conventional wisdom and bad advice stop you from pursuing your dreams together. 

Knowing each other means we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses.  When Jay-z said, “whatever I lack, she’s right over my shoulder”, I’m pretty sure he was talking about us.  Here’s an example, I tend to be forgetful and no matter how many times Chavia reminds me to set a reminder, 90% of the time I don’t remember to.  I buy planners, download planning apps, etc. and I still end up forgetting things 90% of the time.  However, Chavia is there 100% of the time to remind me, because she KNOWS me.  Likewise, I know Chavia is far from a graphic designer.  She can give me feedback and ideas, but technology just isn’t her thing.  That’s okay, because technology is my thing and I hate to toot my own horn, but graphics are MY THING and I am a beast in that department.

We don’t just know each other, we complement each other.  Yeah, we compliment each other when we look extra cute or we’re super slaying, but that’s not what I mean.  I mean we go well together, like red wine and steak or sunny days and beaches.  Our positive and negative traits mesh so well together, they all become positives in our partnership; which is why we’ve coined ourselves a DYNAMIC DUO.  We could accomplish a lot separately, but we will always be able to accomplish a lot more together.

Two Heads Are Better Than One

There’s nothing like a brain storming session, especially when it's with one of your best friends who just happen to be your business partner!  All of our ideas are products of a brain storming session.  We literally sit on the phone for hours and blurt things out.  Some of the ideas we have are so out of the box, I wouldn’t really feel comfortable blurting them out to a stranger.  

But, no matter how many silly ideas we put out there, within them we are both always able to find the golden idea.  Actually, we usually find it at the same time which confirms it to be the golden one.  I won’t lie, it's strange and it creeps both us out a little, you would think that after all these years we would be used to reading each other’s minds, but nope.  Its magical and it still feels magical every time it happens.

Our golden ideas are usually the ones we take to the public or are planning to, but we’re both perfectionist and despise putting out flawed projects.  In the process of turning our ideas into projects and projects into campaigns, we naturally refine them.  Whatever flaws I don’t catch, Chavia catches, and vice versa. With the brain power of two, we have avoided a lot of mistakes that would have been easily overlooked solo.  

Success Is Sweeter When Shared

Another common misconception is that success is lonely.  You can decide whether or not you agree with this piece of conventional wisdom.  All I know is success is better shared, especially when it's with one of your best friends.  

Imagine yourself alone doing all of the things you’ve always wanted to and living in a way that aligns with whatever success means to you.  Now, imagine yourself doing all of those things with someone you genuinely love and adore.  See? Just when you thought success couldn’t get any better, it did. 

We are happier when we share our happiness with our loved ones, which is one of the many reasons I Stan for business partnerships so much.  It is so satisfying to have a friendship strong enough to withstand a business partnership and the chance to accomplish all of your wildest dreams together, as friends.  

Patrice Smith Co-Owner and Art Director at Jibber Jabber Cosmetics

Company Instagram and Facebook: @JibberJabberCosmetics

Personal Instagram: @HardestFlower

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