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Finding Peace through the Chaos of Life by Kimberlyn racoma

Updated: Aug 5, 2018

Helping women manage stress and find self-love by connecting with nature in a new way

I’ve had my fair share of stresses and overwhelm in my life, especially my working life.  This has led to severe depression, anxiety, and PTSD but has brought the amazing opportunity to share nature’s magic and healing abilities with the world.  One way I have done this was by finding inspiration from nature, and incorporating them in my non-lush lifestyle to create my little moments of peace through the chaos of life.

We all know that there is something magical when we get outside and play amongst the trees, take a walk by the ocean, or picnic in the park.  There is something spiritual whether it’s conscious or not, of taking time to be outside and breathe in fresh air. There have been numerous studies on the success of nature-based interventions for mental health which can be found all over the internet, but how many of us actually take time to self care and play with nature?  Probably very little.

We as humans live in a society based around titles, wealth, materialistic abundance, and work. We work so long and when we try to request off to relax, take a mental health day, or a family vacation, it’s often seen as weak or lazy which is incredibly sad.  We in America don’t have enough mental health support systems in place, so we must find ways ourselves to keep our sanity to avoid burnout.

Some people enjoy hiking, meditating in nature, going to the beach or simply taking a walk in the park.  For others who may have multiple roles to take care of (mother, wife, employee and business owner), simply taking a 30 minute bath soak is a luxury.  That’s why I created my business, Laola Hawaii, to support those who wear multiple hats in finding peace and self-love by connecting with nature through jewelry, crystals and essential oil “potions”.  

I create jewelry inspired by nature, sell crystals and essential oil products that are literally from nature, and give these items purpose to help you stop, and be conscious for 1 minute and recognize your piece, giving you one little moment (hopefully multiple times per day) of bliss and appreciation.

I often play with my “Mahina” necklace (Mahina means “Moon” in Hawaiian) during my day as I sit at my desk to answering emails all day, pause to look at my Amethyst druze stones on my computer, and for those brief moments, I calm down and slow my breathing and appreciate these little pretty gifts.  When I’m feeling stressed, I’ll roll on my Love Oil Rollerball or spray my Love Cleansing Spray to lighten the energy around me and calm me down.

There are little moments within a modern lifestyle where we can pause to appreciate nature or use it to help us get through our busy day.  It has become my mission to support others by helping them find peace and self-love throughout their daily lives and I hope that you too can take a minute out of your day to appreciate the Earth you live on and love yourself because you deserve it.

Kimberlyn Laola Racoma

Jewelry Designer, Empath, Tarot Reader

Owner of Laola Hawaii


Instagram:  @laola_hawaii  | Facebook:

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